The SMART Gallery is more than just about showcasing artwork - it is a gallery of the mind, celebrating some of the highlights of our culture. SMART holds space for artists and makers of all kinds as well as scientists and creative thinkers of our day.

Watch a SMART: where Science Meets ART. (VIDEO)


SMART showcases installations and digital artwork as well as pieces with a particular focus on technical skill. The inaugural launch at 2012 LIB consisted of an art gallery, a visual lounge and presenter forum and an area for breakout sessions and workshops.

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  GALLERY: SMART is dedicated to showcasing artwork from the growing movement we call SMARTism, where technology and engineering intersect with art and design. It's a place where applied physics and digital projections are mixed with laser etched mahogany and intricate three dimensional prints.

VISUAL LOUNGE: The visual lounge is a good place for interactive and digital artwork, as well as a place to screen relevent documentaries.
  TALKS: The visual lounge offers a forum for cutting-edge talks. In addition to holding space for artists to talk about their process, we can curate rosters of scientists, hackers, makers, designers and other creatives.

WORKSHOPS: After all the inspiration, it's important to get people "hands on" with workshops related to the SMART theme. Past workshops have inlcuded: Maker-Bot 3D printing, arduino programming for LEDs, soldering & EL wire, DIY bio as well as the opportunity to host special guest teachers.


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